Dr R K Sanghavi

Sr Consulting Clinician Advisor - Positive Health, Expert - Healthcare Industry
Dr R K Sanghavi

  • Practicing physician in Mumbai since 35 years.
  • Associated with Pharma industry for 35 years - assisted over 80 such companies in Medico-Marketing.
  • Presently associated with 6 medium- & large-sized Indian & Pharma companies, including MNC.
  • Closely involved in Nutraceutical segment since over 30 years & greatly responsible for the wide acceptance of such Health Supplements in India.
  • Spoken at over 250 Doctor CMEs in India as well as for overseas specialist doctors in Bangladesh, Philippines, Sri Lanka & UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi).
  • Delivered talks additionally on Nutraceuticals & Pharmaceutical products at Summits and various Association (of Specialists) / Medical bodies conferences.
  • Published twelve articles on various topics & edited one pharma management book.
  • Appointed for 2019 as Chairman of the Medical Committee of Indian Drugs Manufacturing Association (IDMA) for the 15th successive year.
  • Also appointed for 2019 as Chairman of the Nutraceutical Committee of Indian Drugs Manufacturing Association (IDMA) for the 8th successive year.
  • Panelist on Editorial Board – National Formulary of India (NFI) & Journal of Obesity & Metabolic Research.
  • Represented the Healthcare industry in various courts in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi including the Supreme Court to fight against unjust Govt policies pertaining to Fixed Dose Combinations (FDCs) and Nutraceutical products.

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